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Name: Nichole
Child(ren) Name: Jude
Age (s): 4 months
Sex of Child(ren): Boy
Favorite Gymboree line: Forest Trails
How addicted are you? This is my first baby, so I have just discovered Gymboree, but I love it! I only shop there now for his clothes. I love how the clothes come out in lines, so it makes it super easy to put together outfits.

Made to Match Gymbo Beads!


I'm new around here & to livejournal!

I'm a polymer clay artist & I specialize in M2M Beads for use in jewelry & accessories - especially hairbows.

You can see my work on Ebay
& Etsy.

Or contact me through my website

Feel free to email me for specific line matches , custom orders & discounts opportunities!


:) Kathy
Roz Petalz Studio

Line identification help?

I see that this community isn't very active, but maybe someone can help me?

I'm trying to identify this line. I've looked on several sites on the web and don't see it. The tags say "07 GY Summer Vacation". The last item (the pants) might not be from the same line, but they're the same orangey-red color so I thought maybe they were.

under the cutCollapse )

Thanks for any help!
Ok - last time I used my Gymbucks, just a week later (while Gymbucks were still being redeemed) they had a "Circle of Friends" coupon for 30% off. I was so disappointed, but figured that I I probably got more stuff on super sale at the beginning of gymbucks redemption anyways.

Do you know if they are planning on doing that again? Having a coupon offer in the middle of Gymbucks redemption? I think you can do both, right? Because one other time I remember doing both. 

Any insight would be great! I have my shopping cart online full... just to get ideas. I will probably go to the store, I love shopping in person - more satisfying I thinkg! But I have $150 of Gymbucks from my mom doing all her Christmas shopping (not just my kids! Neices and nephews too!) The clothes they have now would be perfect for my kids Spring as well as Fall wardrobes - and they need it!  If I can get 30% off - then it's $430 worth of stuff - all for $150 (plus tax - so closer to $170) That would be AWESOME!

stupid question... ha ha!

So our Santa display in our Mall (Lima Mall in Lima, Ohio which is a Simon Property) has large signs proudly displaying that it is courtesy of "Gymboree".

We don't have a Gymbo- we don't have a play and learn and we do not have a retail store within a 25 mile radius. We are literally 1 hr or better from a gymbo in every direction (Toledo to the North, Dayton to the South, Ft. Wayne Indiana to the West I guess you could consider Columbus the South East)

Does this mean we are getting one? My husband says (he works at the mall- manages Hot Topic...anyone else ever notice they are usually close to the Gymbos?- I digress) it's a nationwide thing, but that doesn't make sense. Why would a store that isn't around here be our sponsor? I would think there would be another store for those of us without a Gymbo- ya know like say Gymboree is a corporate sponsor in markets where it is available and like Gap is a corporate sponsor in other markets (we have a Gap that's why I chose them).

I checked on Gymbo's website, no employment applications remotely close to Lima.

I would love to hear your thoughts... THANKS!

New line pics

New line pics- thanks to Gymbohaven newsletter

Girl: Imaginary Friend, Boy: Snow Days

Online Sunday night and in stores by Tues/Wed

New line pics

Credit to: Amy from Gymbohaven column:

hits store Sept 25th (in test stores the 19th)

-Another round of Gymbucks after Thanksgiving