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Circle of Friends~ Sept. 15-17

Just a reminder that Circle of Friends starts tomorrow through Sunday (15th-17th).  The online code is CRCFRIEND (in all caps). 

holiday line?

Has anyone heard rumors on what the holiday line will entail?

I am looking to go with something from Prim and Proper but I wasn't sure what to expect for this year! :)
Children: Colin (14mo)boy: Taylor (4)girl
Fav line: I have to say my faves are from back when Taylor was a baby.
How addicted am I? Let's just say that my husband has no idea how much I really spend on our children's clothes.

Jun. 28th, 2006

When do the next lines come out? My son is in desperate need of some clothes!
Ok folks if you aren't on the email list (which you all SHOULD be), I just wanted to drop by and let you know IT'S GYMBUCKS TIME! & we just got markdowns!

ALSO, starting tomorrow (June 1st) you get 25% off just for signing up for the Gymboree Visa! You also get a $25 enrollment bonus instead of the regular $10 once you're approved. (I'm not sure if that's also effective online, I'm sure it is but not positive!)

Happy shopping!! :o)

Small pictures:


Bigger pictures:


Even bigger pictures:


Or if you want to see GIANT pictures (which will kill your bandwith)


Shameless plug...

I have a few things on ebay right now. Girls size 3 and boys 6/12 months. Summer stuff!! My ebay user is wagsgirl. check it out!!

Easter Lines

Anyone know when the Easter dresses will be out?