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Everyone Welcome

Gymboree Addicts Anonymous
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Welcome to the offical Gymboree Community. All are welcome.
Please remember to keep all pictures under a cut.
Please keep all posts friends only, so that us mommies can feel safe posting our kids pictures.
This community is not open membership, but please apply. Almost No-One is rejected :)

This community was created in mind so that fellow Gymbo addicts can share
specials, coupons, information, vent, confess or even just to show off your kids new clothes .

For new members please complete the following info:
Child(ren) Name:
Age (s):
Sex of Child(ren):
Favorite Gymboree line:
How addicted are you?

Selling and swapping are permitted as long it doesnt get out of control. .

Please no Promoting other communites, and please remember the Golden Rule.